Friday, July 27, 2012

Pizza Tycoon (Full Version) Free Download

Pizza tycoon was one of those games that swarmed into the shops after the major success of Transport Tycoon. It is not as commonly known as its big brother (or as good), but it is a fun little game to play once in a while.
You start with a dream of becoming the biggest selling pizza maker in the world and gradually work your way towards this end by winning pizza contests, inventing new pizzas, building the coolest restaurants, and of course, by blowing your rivals up! The game has two sides; one is the friendly and inventive pizza maker…. And the other is a sinister and cold-hearted Mafia boss! Not only do you in the end rule the pizza market, but you also rule the underworld!
The process of making a new recipe for your restaurants are based on real pizza making, and I find it difficult to play this game without wanting a pizza afterwards. Building a new restaurant is also great fun, as it enables you to use your creativity to make every little detail. Remember to build a restaurant that people will like. Pizza Tycoon is one of the rare games out there where beauty is a necessity in all that you do.
Graphics in the game is extremely well made from the maps of the city and the world, to the details on the pizza and the flowers in your little pizza place.
Microprose has succeeded in creating a game that is fun, inventive and new. Pizzas will never be the same!


Password RAR : zzawdaenk88

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  1. mw tanya game pizza tycoonnya itu habiis di rar, filenya yg mana yak tuk instal gamenya?? ndak ada yg bisa di instal